Thursday, June 18, 2009

bulky orders!

hi all! this is the recent gorgonites project for our customer for his reunion ceremony. at first he ordered 50 pieces then sum up to 75 pieces (^_^)" so far most of our customers are super duper nice! he's definitely one of them. and i owe him personal apology for the delay delivery! isk isk

okay babies, a lil closer. mummy want to snap ur pictures all together. after this ur going to be adopted T T but hey, at least we can spread the gorgonites rythm all over the nation! pinky, dont shed any tears! and bluwish, stop tickling yodaki!

close up. these are the siblings. the yodaki yellow, the pinky, the bluwish and the twinkle. be good kids, mummy will always love you. do send mummy postcard yeah!

and to fadhli from ipoh, tq so much! all the best for the event!


kamb3nk said...

damn ... sangat comel patung ituh!

soomi + shanthy said...

he he

kamb3nk..comeinye nama kamu!