Monday, September 12, 2011

order from shark

a s s a l a m u a l a i k u m

its been quite sometimes since my last update. maafin ya, lame excuses had been given previously and guess what, it would still b d same reason. dang. bz saja memanjang ya?

so meh kita check the previous list as stated before :

  1. aida suri: SIZE M couple set (purple-lish theme) >> still pending
  2. kak yati : minnies for puteh n friends >> DONE
  3. fara ilina : 10 minnies >> pending T T
  4. shark, kuantan : minnies for PMR students >> DONE
  5. nut, teluk panglima garang : 8minnies 2 XS size >> DONE
  6. jaz, dungun : buzz toystory size M >> DONE

so here i am, presenting 26 gorgonites which soon is migrating to Pahang!

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