Thursday, December 8, 2011

order from rin

salam 1 gorgonites!

this time around tukang jahit terima order 3 couple sets - secara berjemaah.

presenting *drumroll*

the 1st couple
ini contoh L size
comel dan sungguh padu

mungkin panggilan manja    n_n

si boyfie sukakan tenis dan gadget. ce teka benda hitam berbutang 1 tu apa.
its an i phone! sobs!

the 2nd couple
menyamar sebagai kipas =.="
tapi tetap comel

theme requested : kete lumba dan ikan

the 3rd couple
untuk BFF, theme tulip 

the part that i like the most
imma crazy about shoes! 

close up sikit
FYI the shining beads tu is done by my mother
she's into sewing her own tudung now (sebelum ni obsessed dengan langsir, chair cover and whats not)
 and i guess thats y i love sewing so much

its in d blood

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