Sunday, March 25, 2012


attention to all gorgonites!

sorry again, for being on a hiatus mode for quite some time. so many things happened at once, and i am struggling to adapt the new life challenges to my schedule.

first of all,  if u guys noticed, some of the pictures in this blog had been disappeared. nop, my blog is not been hi-jacked (touch wood - phew)  I was so excited receiving a new gadget and while clicking this and that, i was accidentally deleted the whole album of makhluk gorgon! it stated something like to sync the gmail account to the gadget and yada yada, and in a blink of an eye - whoosh! semua pun hilang! sobs! i do have some back up pictures but then to restore ALL those pictures might be time consuming. but then what to do, sendiri cari pasal kan.

thus, i have to announce that
ALL ORDERS TO BE HOLD until 1st JULY 2012.

i am so sorry, even order sepanjang february and march pon banyak yang delay. especially bebudak comel dari Kolej Matrikulasi K Pilah *group hug* keje kat ofis memerlukan tukang jahit untuk beri 110% perhatian and i dont think i can cope juggling MG at the same time.

anywaaay, a week ago, i was on a roadtrip with my besties to South Island, New Zealand -such a beautiful country.  the locals are more welcoming and i can feel the genuine hospitality they offered, unlike in Malaysia. Sorry but truth hurts :)

gambar di atas adalah salah satu tempat persinggahan kami. tu tempat bungee jumping sebenarnya but none of us mahu/mampu buat. a bit pricey though. more pictures at

ok gorgonites. have to sleep early. i still can be contacted via email and phone/whats apps, dun worry :)

love to the muchos

mazao othman
the tukang jahit
mobile: 013 2592 295

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